Night Slugs

Night Slugs went down at the East Village in Shoreditch on 12.18.08.



(all photos by Nick George)

Everyone raved it up and had an immense time! until the bouncers decided to turn off the music even tho the night was still young. Much to the disappointment of the ravers!!!

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Suzanne Oremus

Dress by Suzanne Oremus.
Model: Eleanor Weber
Photo: Nick George


Street Studios

Towards the end of last year I started working as a studio assistant at Street Studios in Dalston, East London.

Everyone there is dead sound and its good fun working there. But sometimes there are bad days. Today I had to replace a whole cove. Not fun and now I'm in pain as I think I have strained my wrist from hammer and chiseling 3 years of paint of the floor! sad face.